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Linda D. Smith, Enrolled Agent, FATP, ATA, ABA, CDFA, CFR
Enrolled to Practice before the Internal Revenue Service
Federally Authorized Tax Practitioner

Accredited Tax Advisor, Accredited Business Accountant
Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

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  ATI Professional payroll service FAQs      

  1. What advantages does your payroll service offer my employees?
      Employees have online access to their payroll and information. For example, they don't even have to be in the office on payday. With direct deposit and our secure website, they can go online anywhere to print their pay stubs and review their complete payroll history.
  2. Some of my employees have direct deposit but others prefer a paycheck every pay period. Can you handle both groups?
      Yes. You have the option of offering your employees a "paperless" pay stub via email or we can print out a physical check and stub.    Employees that are paid by direct deposit will receive an email notification with instructions to a password protected website to view their pay stubs.  We offer flexibility to both you and your employees.
  3. Do you handle my taxes?
      We automatically calculate, deduct, pay and file all federal, state and local taxes and deposit them to the appropriate government accounts.
  4. Is ATI Professional Services tax filing system accurate? 
      Yes, it's guaranteed accurate.  As long as you provide accurate information, we guarantee that you will never incur an IRS penalty, and if you do, we’ll pay the penalty.
  5. What about reliability and security?
      Reliability and security are top priorities. We protect your data with the same care a bank uses to protect its deposits. All data transactions are authenticated by VeriSign™ - the leader in e-commerce security - and our website is secured with 128-bit encryption, a secure socket layer and Microsoft cluster redundant architecture.
  6. How do I sign up for payroll with ATI Professional Services?
      Simply email or call us at 407-896-1553.
  7. Do I need to commit to a contract?
    • No. You need to sign enrollment forms, but there is no contract.  If at any time you're not satisfied with any aspect of ATI Professional Services you can cancel your service with a 30 days notice. Simply contact us.

  1. When are monies for quarterly taxes deducted?
      All funds for a current payroll period, including tax liabilities, are deducted one day prior to the pay date.
  2. Can the pay calendar be adjusted?
      Yes. You can move the pay date for a particular payroll or change your entire payroll calendar. To adjust your pay calendar, contact us.
  3. What documentation is needed for you to process my payroll?
      Federal regulations require that ATI Professional Services receives complete and signed documentation before we can begin processing payroll. We will need the following:
        a) Payroll Services EFT Agreement
        b) State Power of Attorney (some may need to be notarized)
        c) Tax Information Authorization
        d) Proof of Prior Balances (or most recent QTD/YTD reports).
      Additionally, we request that you provide the following information shortly after being set-up as a customer:
        a) Copies of Quarterly and Annual returns
        b) Tax Deposit Coupons
        c) Copies of State Registrations
        d) SUI Rate Change Notice
      These documents will help facilitate future tax filings and payments.
  4. Can I submit employee pay adjustments that are separate from their salary?
      Yes. Just let us know.
  5. Can I track employees' hours/salaries to different departments?
      Yes. We can handle a range of job classifications levels that allows you to report payroll information for different departments, divisions and/or locations. This enables you to get a handle on labor expense allocations.
  6. What reports are available?
        a) The Payroll Summary Report details complete earnings, taxes and deductions for each past payroll.
        b) The Benefits Report outlines the amount of paid time off (e.g., vacation/sick/personal) each employee has earned/used for period-to-date AND year-to-date.
        c) The Department Summary Report provides an at-a-glance review of employee costs by department, division and/or location.
        d) The Department Detailed Report provides itemized department costs broken down by employee.

      Other reports are being evaluated and prioritized for development based on customer input. If you have a specific report you would like to see, please let us know.
  7. Can we process a separate pay run in addition to the scheduled pay cycle?
      Yes. Just contact us.
  8. How do I obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?
      We will gladly assist you in applying for any necessary employer required forms.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 407-896-1553.

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Member - Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation Member - National Association of Enrolled Agents Member - The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators
Member - Accreditation Council for Accountancy and Taxation Member - National Association
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IRS e-file Provider
Member - The Florida Academy of Professional Mediators


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